About Us

Who We Are 

The Department of Urology at Weill Cornell is one of the top-ranked multidisciplinary clinical and research teams in the country. Our expertise includes:

  • Gender Affirming Care
  • General Urology
  • Kidney Health
  • Male Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Voiding Dysfunction
  • Male Infertility and Sexual Medicine
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
  • Urologic Oncology

What We Do

Under the direction of Dr. Larissa Rodriguez, M.D., Chair of the Department, our world-renowned physicians collaborate with Radiology, Medicine and Pathology to provide optimal diagnosis and treatment to enhance patient outcomes.  Our clinical presence can be found on the main campus at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine, at the Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as in our outpatient sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Lower Manhattan. Our physicians have received national recognition in all subspecialty fields of urology.  

In addition to our well-established faculty, we have recently recruited several new members to our healthcare team.

Dr. Larissa Rodriguez, Chair Department of Urology is a surgeon scientist and expert in urogynecology specializing in pelvic organ prolapse, urinary fistulae, urinary incontinence and other dysfunctions of the pelvic floor. Dr. Timothy McClure is an expert in both urology and imaging/minimally invasive treatment of urologic cancers. Dr. McClure is a board-certified radiologist who completed a fellowship in interventional radiology as well as completing urology training. He joined Dr. Jim Hu in evaluation and treatment of prostate, kidney, and other urologic tumors. With Dr. Douglas Scherr, another senior urologic oncologist with unique experience in minimally invasive and robotic treatments, as well as Dr. Christopher Barbieri, who has identified unique causes of prostate cancer, this is an advanced team of physicians in urologic oncology.  Another critical member of the urologic oncology treatment team is Dr. Joseph Del Pizzo, who has been a pioneer in new surgical techniques for treatment of kidney disorders.


The mission of The Department of Urology at Weill Cornell Medicine is to provide our patients with effective and emerging new therapies in urologic care in a compassionate environment. Through translational research we determine new approaches for prevention and treatment, while cultivating the next generation of leaders in urological health and science.


The urologists at Weill Cornell Medicine work together. The Department originally existed as one unit at Bellevue Hospital, with the second unit at The New York Hospital.

The New York Hospital was supported by a substantial grant from James Buchanan "Diamond Jim" Brady, allowing research and other educational programs to thrive since its inception. The second unit at Bellevue Hospital was eventually disbanded, merging uniform service for all patients under one roof – now as part of Weill Cornell Medicine, Brady Urology Associates has a primary site on the 9th floor at 525 East 68th Street with urologic experts at multiple sites throughout the New York region.



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